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Grammar & Spelling test useful for all office & support staff hiring candidates

Purpose:  This test assesses simple grammar and spelling skills. It should be used for candidates whose job includes are preparing or proofing documents to be sent to clients or vendors. We recommend using this test for positions such as secretary, clerical support staff, administrative support staff, etc.

About the Test: This is an untimed test with 25 questions.

People scoring high on the Grammar & Spelling Test should be able to spot and correct grammar & spelling mistakes. People scoring low on this test may not notice various grammar or spelling mistakes, or they may not know the underlying language use rules. They allow documents to leave your office with numerous flaws, thereby embarrassing your company and causing you to lose credibility with clients.
Validity Information: This test has not yet been normed on a group of administrative staff. Ideally, you would want someone to score close to 100% correct. For now, the scores are presented in terms of percent correct, rather than any comparison with other similar workers.

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