Assessment tests for HR and management consultants

If you are a new HR consultant or management consultant or other provider, and want to use assessment tests for your business, you have come to the right company. We provide the best in personality and aptitude testing. These assessment tests enable you to solve your clients’ hiring and staffing needs by finding qualified candidates with the right job fit who will provide superior job performance, and enhance your entire company.

As you are relatively new to offering pre-employment testing as part of your consulting business, this page will provide an overview of how our system works.

Why Resource Associates is the best choice

You will find our wide test selection, impeccable credentials in industrial and organizational psychology, and easy, online testing to be just what your clients need to overcome their hiring challenges. We are confident that with the results our tests provide and the potential employees you bring to your clients, that your consulting business will be enhanced immeasurably.
Among the many things that make us stand out in the arena of pre-employment tests solutions for consultants:

  • Resource Associates will support your success more than any other company that has a consultant reseller program for pre-employment tests. We are responsive — when you have an inquiry, we will respond quickly. And you have direct access to our industrial & organizational psychologists.
  • By participating in our program, you have access to top-credentialed experts.
  • The Administration Portal on this site allows the ability to create custom-branded reports.
  • RA’s tests are among the most reliable predictors of employee performance in the marketplace.  Every test is statistically reliable and valid.

Your success as a consultant (generate income)

When you use Resource Associates, you hire the best.

Every consultant in the Resource Associates Program can rest assured they are using tests created by the top minds in the field of industrial and organizational psychology, backed up by decades of researched vetted in peer-reviewed journals and field testing.

Whether you are in management consulting, HR consulting, or work as a recruitment & staffing agency, our tests bring your creditability to a new level. You will find our tests are very competitive in cost, meaning you can work with clients large and small, producing qualified employment candidates at a low cost but with the best validated tests in industry. You may set your own prices for each test.

This means as your engagements proceed, you will be able to grow in support as your client grows, helping them scale up as their business expands. You will thus have the opportunity to generate a significant stream of revenue from the use and sale of our tests.

Requirements for the Resource Associates Program for New Consultants

Resource Associates provides significant up-front support for our consultant resellers (see The RA Program). To that end, we require consultants using our tests to meet certain sales goals. In addition, you must meet the following pre-determined criteria before you are accepted into our program. Those requirements include:

  • You must be the full-time owner(s), principle(s) or partner(s) in the consulting firm.
  • The consulting firm or you must use pre-employment assessments in a minimum of 50% of their consulting engagements.
  • You must generate more than 100 pre-employment assessments during a calendar year.
  • Programs designed for new consultants / new resellers begin at $1200.00.

Details of the Resource Associates Program

We will work with you in the following ways:

  • Resource Associates (RA) will custom build pre-employment assessments based on the attributes your clients are trying to select for. This is a complimentary service as long as these custom assessments can be built from the modules that currently exist within RA’s arsenal. There will be a charge if RA must create new assessments that include new research, new validation studies, or other such work that is unique to you or your client.
  • RA will enable you to create branded assessments at no charge through the administration portal.
  • RA offers branded testing websites for you at no charge.
  • You will receive wholesale pricing for assessments purchased under your consultant number (a code that is unique to you, which identifies all purchases that are driven as a result of your efforts).
    • While we will establish recommended pricing, and you should be aware that our retail pricing will be readily accessible on the RA retail website, you may charge whatever you choose.
  • Access to an Organizational Psychologist to assist with identifying selection criteria for your clients.

Please take time to explore this site, and view our catalog of tests, or learn more in-depth about the Resource Associates team.

When you are ready to take the next step to join the Resource Associates program, please call us at 1-865-384-4808. We will be happy to explain the program in further detail and work with you to find the optimal solutions for your existing and future candidates.