Are you an Applicant Looking to Try a Test?

Resource Associates is a company of leading professionals in psychology, industrial & organizational psychology, human resources, and psychometric analysis. We serve other companies who are looking to hire employees who will fit the needs of the role and their organization.

We do not sell pre-employment tests to job candidates. Our tests are only for organizations who are hiring.

To best serve the companies we work with, we do not offer sample or practice tests to job applicants. Equally, because our tests are fit to the needs of a role or organization, it will not benefit you to attempt to purchase and use our tests in advance of taking it with an organization.

Further, if you are an applicant who attempts to purchase & take a test, we have measures in place which will detect and prevent you from using our system in the future. This poses a significant problem if you try to hire in with a company who is using RA’s tests for job candidates.