Candidate FAQ

Q: Can job candidates purchase their own tests?

Resource Associates' strictly limits sales of our pre-employment tests to company owners or their representatives. We do not sell directly to job applicants. Also, because we work exclusively for the hiring organization, we do not release test results directly to candidates, nor do we offer consulting services to candidates. You will need to contact the hiring company for help finding an appropriate testing source.

Q: Can I study for the test?

A: Studying is not necessary and in many cases not possible given the nature of our tests.  Most of the scales used in our assessments are personality-based, to help determine if someone would be a good fit for a specific job within the company.  Any skills questions represent the most basic knowledge required for the position; studying would have little influence on these items.

Q: How can I get a copy of my own report someone had me take?

A: Resource Associates does not release any candidate test results. The test report is owned by the hiring company and is, therefore, company property. You may want to contact the hiring company for feedback on your results.

Q: Does this test automatically make me eligible for the position I am applying for?

A: Not necessarily. Hiring managers are recommended to use pre-employment testing as one part of the overall decision-making process, which can also include structured and unstructured interviews, background checks, work history, biodata, etc. Contact the hiring manager at the employer you are applying at for more information about how testing is used in the hiring process.

Q: Do the tests differ for men vs. women?

A: Resource Associates' test questions and scoring procedures are exactly the same for men and women. The tests ask you to select your gender only in order to use appropriate pronouns--for example, "he"/"she"  or "him"/"her") in the report and to permit future, group-level analyses for EEO and other comparative purposes. We recognize that other gender categories such as transgender or intersexual may necessitate the use of other pronouns which we will use as companies request them. If you choose not to designate your gender, the report will default to male pronouns.

It should be noted that there are no significant differences between men and women on test scores for nearly all of the traits and aptitudes assessed by our measures.

Q: Do I need to contact someone when I have completed the test?

A: No--unless your hiring manager has requested that you let them know when you complete the assessment, there is no need to contact them. They will receive an email notification when you complete your assessment.

Q: Are the usernames and passcodes case sensitive?

A: No. The usernames and passcodes are NOT case sensitive.

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