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Personality Tests OnlineJob Personality Tests, combined with interviewing & background checks, give you the ability to make a great hire with confidence and certainty. What happens when you hire someone whose personality doesn’t fit with your organization? The result is position turnover – or worse! Job Personality Testing takes personality traits into account that are often required for specific positions. Online personality tests are available for hundreds of job types and industries.

Resource Associates online personality tests for jobs is instantly available after you buy. Candidates log on and take the test, and when they are finished, the results come to you immediately via email. You’ll have the answers you need to make the right hiring decision – and fast. RA’s Online Personality Tests can evaluate a candidate’s aptitude or personality fit for a specific type of job position or industry.

Job Personality Tests help you have confidence in making a hiring decision.

With so many job candidates available, how do you find the best person to hire for your company?

Resource Associates’ online Job Personality Tests separate the best candidates from the rest – quickly and with fast online reporting targeting the personality and aptitude results you seek in a new hire. Need help or customized selection tests? Our staff of industrial psychologists (not salespersons) provides free consultation. Why guess when hiring? Hire the best with personality and aptitude tests.


Find Online Personality Testing for Hundreds of Jobs

Some of our most popular Job Personality Test options include engineering tests and management tests, but we offer more than 100 tests with unlimited customization. Whether you are a small business owner, company manager, or human resources professional, our tests will help you do the best job possible when hiring new employees.

Resource Associates tests are quick and easy to use. They are purchased and taken online, and the results are e-mailed back to you. While we have more than 100 tests for different jobs and aptitudes, our staff of industrial psychologists can design tests specific to your situation.

Review more than 20 years of research that proves testing helps you hire great performers who will enhance productivity and profit, avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce employee turnover by fitting the right candidate to the right job, and improve future training program results.