Pre-employment testing is one of the most powerful, efficient, and cost-effective tools that you can have in your applicant hiring process. Using even a modest selection ratio (defined as the number of hires vs. number of applicants), a good pre-employment testing program can greatly increase the odds of success on the job. By hiring using pre-employment tests that find good-fit new hires for your company, it can not only lead to enhanced work productivity, but also to reduced training time and lower turnover, as well as fewer errors and accidents on the job.

Here are several examples of how personality and aptitude testing has “paid off” for other companies:

  • In a retail-clothing store, Resource Associates’ tests were able to identify superior salespeople who produced on average 500% more sales than the average worker.
  • One of our clients that used the Resource Associates’ STAY (Still There After a Year) test generated a 50% reduction in turnover.
  • A large convenience store chain achieved over 3000% ROI thanks to testing of their store managers.
  • When a manufacturing company shut down for more than a year started up again, one of the changes put in place was Resource Associates’ testing for hiring. Once the plant was operational, the Plant Manager noted it was 22% more efficient — which he attributed largely to the higher performing workforce.

There are hundreds of standard personality and aptitude tests available to fit a large variety of roles. You can also contact a pre-employment testing company such as Resource Associates to perform an analysis on the open position or on your company in general and customized pre-employment tests can be made specifically for your needs.

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