Accounts Payable & Receivable Test

Our Accounts Payable & Receivable test identifies the right accounting department clerk to process your ingoing and outgoing accounts with high accuracy.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: Test your next AP/AR candidates for their ability to manage tasks such as balancing your company’s general ledger, managing payroll, tracking delinquent accounts, keeping accurate records, and complying with legal requirements. Best fit candidates should be ethical, orderly and detail-minded, comfortable working alone or with others, tolerant of routine, and able to communicate with employees, customers and business managers.

About the test: The Accounts Payable & Receivable test, also known as the Bookkeeping test, is untimed and should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. It consists of 5 parts:

  • An accounting math test with basic arithmetic problems and word problems that involve use of decimals, percentages, and fractions
  • A Microsoft Excel proficiency test (version 2010, with the ribbon menus)
  • A personality test
  • An aptitude test that covers verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning
  • A test of perceptual speed & accuracy.

Testing Process: Online personality testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content for your hiring process or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications.

Validity Information: Available upon request. Interested in more information about Personality Testing? Download Resource Associates Personal Style Inventory guide now (opens in a new tab). It provides detail on dimensions, validity, reliability, and more.

The Accounts Payable & Receivable Test Evaluates:

Less Desirable BehaviorsTest ContentDesirable Behaviors
Slow to learn, needs simple tasksGeneral Mental AbilityQuick learner, solves problems
Slow / lots of mistakesMath SkillsFaster / few mistakes
Needs a lot of Excel trainingExcel KnowledgeHas basic Excel proficiency
Slow clerical processingPerceptual Speed & AccuracyFast clerical processing
ArgumentativeAgreeablenessEasy to get along with; nice
Timid, lacks courage to confront subjectsAssertivenessWilling to offer opinions and debate different options
Chafes at having to do tasks by procedureComfort with ProceduresLikes procedure-based tasks
Fails to live up to promisesConscientiousDependable, reliable
Doesn’t like detailed tasksDetail-MindedLikes working on detailed tasks
Overreacts to stress, gets upset easilyEmotional ResilienceCalm, level-headed, handles stress well
Tends to use rules for their own benefitIntegrityStrong moral values
Cares mainly about salary and perksIntrinsic MotivationEnjoys coming to work
Lacks enthusiasm, may give up easilyOptimismCheerful, “can-do” attitude
Disorganized, carelessOrderlinessOrganized, neat
Doesn’t want to have to deal with peopleSociabilityLikes people involvement at work
Bored with procedure-based tasksTolerance of Mundane WorkLikes procedure-based tasks
Doesn’t want to coordinate with othersTeamworkAble to coordinate and work cooperatively
Does the minimumWork DriveWilling to go the extra mile


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