Mechanical Concepts Test

When your candidate needs strong mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting abilities, consider this timed test battery.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: This test measures a candidate’s familiarity with mechanical principles, reasoning in two dimensions and overall problem-solving ability, and should help you determine if they have the strong mechanical and technical skills needed to effectively do their jobs. The Mechanical Concepts test should be used in environments where employees work with equipment operations and are tasked with troubleshooting or repairs.

About the Test: This test consists of three timed aptitude tests:

  • General Reasoning: 12 minutes
  • Mechanical Reasoning: 20 minutes
  • Form Pattern 2D Reasoning: 7 minutes

What the Report Gives You: The report provides individual test scores plus an overall score with interpretive guidelines.

High Scorers: People scoring high on the Mechanical Concepts Test should be familiar with mechanical, 2D and general reasoning concepts and be able to build upon existing knowledge and training to learn quickly and readily absorb new material.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on the Mechanical Concepts Test are likely to have a minimal understanding of mechanical concepts and problem-solving ability; they are also able to require more supervision and be prone to errors.

Testing Process: Online aptitude testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Validity Information:

  • 2D Reasoning:
    This test is significantly related to: productivity for maintenance technicians(r=.36**); overall performance ratings (r=.31**) and skills competence (r=.28**).
  • General Reasoning:
    The test correlates highly (r=.76**) with the Wonderlic Personnel Test and the MAB-Full Scale (r=.91**); college grade point average/academic achievement (r=.90**), and other measures.
  • Mechanical Reasoning:
    In various validation studies, this test has been found to be significantly related to: composite job performance (r=.40**); reasoning skills (r=.39**); task competence (r=.24*); overall performance (=.31**); productivity (r=.20*); and overall job performance (r=.28**), among a variety of other outcomes. In a test of convergent validity, the Resource Associates Mechanical Reasoning Test was correlated (r=.81**) with the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test.

The General Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, and 2D Form Pattern Series Reasoning tests are also sold separately at $15 per test.


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