Verbal Aptitude Test

Evaluate candidates' communication ability.  This test is great for hiring positions such as sales, manager, supervisor, or team leader.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The Verbal Aptitude Test assesses a candidates’ vocabulary and their ability to both understand subtle differences between words and the many ways one can use words to make a point. Resource Associates’ Verbal Aptitude Test is used to help you identify candidates who are very effective communicators and those who are able to inform, persuade, motivate, counsel, or coordinate activities among co-workers or customers. We recommend using this test for positions where skillfulness in verbal communication is critical such as sales, manager, supervisor, team leader.

About the Verbal Aptitude Test: This 12-minute timed aptitude test consists of 26 items.

Candidates scoring high on the Verbal Aptitude Test are more effective communicators. They are better able to explain their points and respond more appropriately to others in a conversation. High scorers tend to be good at communicating with all levels of people, from executives to members of the general public. Candidates scoring low on the Verbal Aptitude Test are less effective at making their points and responding to others in a conversation. Low scorers tend to be effective in communicating with only a narrow group of people, those who are similar to themselves.

Validity Information: In several empirical studies, this test was significantly correlated r=.26* with teamwork and r=.25* with overall performance for a variety of entry-level jobs. We were able to demonstrate that performing well on this test predicted success in managerial roles: Scoring above the 60th percentile produced a group that was 300% more likely to survive the first year on the job.

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