2D Form Pattern Recognition Aptitude Test

An aptitude test for recognizing 2-D patterns.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: This test evaluates a candidate’s ability to think in terms of two dimensions and to see how flat shapes fit together. The 2-D Form Pattern Recognition Test is appropriate for any job where the employee must be able to conceptualize how parts fit together, and is often used in combination with the 3-D Reasoning Test.

The 2-D Form Pattern Recognition Test is used to assess appropriateness for design work where the candidate must visualize how shapes and patterns fit together to form a whole (e.g., architectural drawings, equipment design) as well as for jobs that require dismantling and re-assembly (e.g., machine setup, mechanical troubleshooting). We recommend using this test for positions such as maintenance technician, mechanic, machine designer, architect, draftsman, CAD technicians, pattern designers, tool and die makers.

About the 2-D Form Pattern Recognition Test: This is a 7-minute timed test.

Candidates scoring high on the Form Pattern Test are better able to see how parts fit together, so they are quicker and more capable in accomplishing tasks. Candidates scoring low on the Form Pattern Test may not be able to perform the same tasks as high scorers. They may not be able to figure out the relationships of how objects fit together, so their efforts to do troubleshooting or design work may be exceedingly time-consuming. They often need assistance from other workers to complete their assignment.

Validity Information: On average, this test is significantly related r=.36** with productivity for maintenance technicians; r=.31** with overall performance ratings; r=26** with openness to new learning; r=.28** with skills competence.


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