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  • General Cognitive Aptitude Test

    General Cognitive Aptitude Test

    Use this general cognitive test to identify candidates that have useful abilities, such...
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  • Mechanical Reasoning Aptitude Test

    Assess a candidate's understanding of basic physical and mechanical principles and the ...
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  • Personal Style II Assessment Test

    This comprehensive PSI test finds candidates who learn quickly, can handle a large info...
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  • Reading Comprehension Test

    Reading Comprehension Aptitude Test

    Use our Reading Comprehension Test when employees are expected to be able to read and i...
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Perennial Favorites

  • Pre-Employment Test for Administrative Assistant - Cashier

    Administrative Assistant / Cashier Test

    If you need an Administrative Assistant with Cashier abilities, use this test to find t...
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  • Grammar and Spelling Test

    Grammar and Spelling Aptitude Test

    Administrative people need solid language skills, proper grammar and good spelling when...
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  • Office Manager Test

    Hire a superstar who will become the nerve center of your business with our Office Mana...
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  • Personal Style I Assessment Test

    Use the PSI if you cannot find an exact match for the job you seek to fill. This all-pu...
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Newest Tests

  • Loan Officer Test

    Consider this test if you need capable and team-oriented L.O.’s who have great sales ...
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  • Mechanical Concepts Test

    When your candidate needs strong mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting abilities, con...
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  • MS Word Proficiency Test

    If the job requires Microsoft Word knowledge, this test will help you identify a candid...
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  • Front Office Manager

    Needing to hire a high-performing, organized and customer-focused Front Office Manager?...
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  • Excel Proficiency Pre-Employment Test

    Excel Proficiency 2020 Test

    Choose this test to see how much your candidates really know about Microsoft Excel 2020...
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  • Basic Computer Knowledge Test

    If the job requires basic computer proficiency, this test will help you identify a cand...
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  • Training Coordinator Test

    Use this test to recruit organized and engaging training professionals.
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  • Firefighter/Paramedic Test II

    Find intelligent, team-minded, resilient and dedicated professionals with this pre-empl...
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